Table Numbers and Place Cards in Calligraphy fonts

I was creating some samples for a potential client and thought I’d share these Table Numbers and Place Cards in my calligraphy fonts.

In the pic above I used my cursive font, Dom Loves Mary Stylistic version.  The flourish on the capital T was created using a flourish from the Dom Loves Mary Flourishes Two set.

I used Dom Loves Mary text font for  “TABLE 12” on the place card.

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And in this pic, I’ve used my Belluccia font and Borders.

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Here’s an example using Hand lettering.  Using a Calligraphy font gives you the beautiful look of hand lettering at a fraction of the cost.

That’s why I created them!

With either Belluccia or Dom Loves Mary, you can easily design all of your event signage and print off your own computer.

Have a Wicked Weekend!


Here’s where you can check them out:

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The Dom Loves Mary font, #2 on the Hot New Fonts list, is available at:

My first cursive font, Belluccia is available at and

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Belluccia has remained on the Best Sellers list for 18 months was named one of Myfonts Most Popular Fonts for 2011.