Brush Lettering Class Series on Skillshare

I am now teaching Brush Lettering classes on Skillshare! It’s taken some trial and error and I still have lots of improvements to make.

But I’m excited to share my love of the brush with everyone!

So far my classes include: Beginner Brush Lettering, How to Flourish a Word, How to Flourish Lower Case Letters, Easy DIY Halloween Envelope Designs and Hand Drawn Letters on Colored Paper.

Check out the intro video I made for my latest class :

As a teacher, I am able to share a link to a 2 month free Skillshare membership. So, if you’re interested in taking any classes on Skillshare ( even if they’re not mine:) Here’s how it works:

You sign up for a membership. You can take any and all classes you’d like for 2 months. Just cancel before the 2 months is up and you pay nothing.

If you decide to continue the membership, you pay 15. per month ( again, you can cancel anytime) or 99. per year.

I have a membership myself and have taken classes on collage, ink drawing, how to publish a book and Italian  language classes!

Give it a try! Here’s the link to all my classes and the free membership: