Cantoni Hand Lettered Font is Live!

My new font is finally out and moving up the charts!

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I’ve been busy at TypeCon ( Type designers convention) in Portland, Oregon

attending fabulous workshops and presentations.

More importantly getting to meet major type designers from around the world!

I’m resisting the urge to have them write on my arm with a permanent sharpie:)

They are the rock stars of type.

So now I’m going to go all Type Geek on you and show you some pics from

 the “Roots Of Ornaments” presentation by Carl Crossgrove of Monotype.

Image 2Love the ornamentation above and below the letters!

ImageThese are just brilliant!

Image 4

So many things I love about this one.

Image 3

If you follow the lines you can get lost in this incredible maze of  fabulous ornamentation.

I’ll be sharing more pics later!

As always, Cantoni’s big sisters, Dom Loves Mary and Belluccia, are still available for purchase here.

Hey, it’s the weekend!  So have a Frolicking Friday:)


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