How to Flourish Upper Case Letters


Are you confused about flourishing letters?

Or maybe you do you the same ones over and over and you’re looking for a fresh approach?  Look no further!

In my newest Skillshare class, I share my 15 point process for flourishing that will help you create unique beautifully flourished letters.

This is the process I developed over the past 8 years as a font designer to create my best selling fonts like Cantoni and Belluccia.

This is an intermediate level class for those who have some lettering experience.

But beginners can learn a lot from it too!

Check out more in the 2 minute video below.

Just sign up for a membership, take all the classes you want for 2 months then cancel before the 2 months is up and you pay nothing!
I ‘d love to help you on your lettering journey!