Free Giveaway Chalkboard Sign: Just Married

Today’s Free Printable Chalkboard sign is….drum roll please:) Just Married!

If you want to enlarge this sign to fit on the back of a car or truck (or wherever) FedEx Kinko’s can enlarge it to the desired size.

They can also laminate it and/or back it with foam core to stabilize it.

Or if you’re feeling crafty, have an enlarged print made and cut out the letters to make a stencil.

Be sure to leave some pieces of paper connected to each other in totally enclosed areas so it doesn’t create a space where you don’t want it to be. For instance, in the big loop of the “M”.

Purchase an aerosol can of Marking Chalk (normally used for sports fields) from Ace Hardware or Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Or colored Spray Chalk at a place online like

Use the sign as a stencil to temporarily place the saying on the concrete or grass at a location where guests can see it!

I haven’t tried this yet but have seen it done online. I’ll try to find and post tomorrow.

Send me a pic to post if you do!

If you have a saying you’d like to see on a Chalkboard sign, leave a comment !

I’m in the sign making mode so you might just get your wish:)

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Hope it’s a Marvelous Monday!


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