CeCe of New York Invite with Belluccia

Check out this beautiful wedding invitation from Ceci New York.

After you click on the link, keep scrolling down to see pictures of the pieces at the actual wedding.

Just over the top gorgeous!

They created a unique brand for this wedding using my Belluccia font on several pieces of the suite.
The pictures below are of the save the date, the invitation and the wedding accessories and include comments of how the pieces were used.

wedding_branding_roses_save_the_date_roses_ceci_johnson_v152_cct,wedding invitation, wedding invitation suite, multiple block fonts combined with script belluccia font, Lettering Art Studio, Debi Sementelli

A very creative die-cut piece that conveys all of the information with varying font styles and sizes.wedding_branding_roses_luxury_invitation_mailer_box_roses_ceci_johnson_v152_cct,wedding invitation, wedding invitation suite, belly band addressing label, Belluccia, Lettering Art Studio, Debi Sementelli

What an imaginative invitation – a box within a box inside a belly-band!

I just love the prominent flourishes on each corner of both pieces.  So beautiful!

wedding_branding_roses_luxury_menu, wedding invitation, wedding invitation suite,  wedding program, Lettering Art Studio, Debi SementelliNotice the dye-cut shape is also appearing on the program cover and the menu and is the centerpiece of the elegant brand.

rose_gold_pink_romantic_wedding_roses_invitations_ceci_johnson_v152_om_1g, wedding invitation, block font combined with script belluccia font, Lettering Art Studio, Debi Sementelli

How classy is this?  An absolutely gorgeous presentation of the invitation.

rose_gold_pink_romantic_wedding_roses_invitations_ceci_johnson_v152_om_2e, wedding program,  block font with script belluccia font, Lettering Art Studio, Debi SementelliWOW! Don’t you wish you were there?  Simply stunning.  The elaborate program was waiting for the guests on each of the chairs

rose_gold_pink_romantic_wedding_roses_invitations_ceci_johnson_v152_om_2f, wedding program, grandparents' tribute, block font combined with script belluccia font, Lettering Art Studio, Debi Sementelli

What a wonderful tribute to honor the memory of the grandparents in the program.

rose_gold_pink_romantic_wedding_roses_invitations_ceci_johnson_v152_om_3c, wedding menu,  block font combined with script belluccia font, Lettering Art Studio, Debi SementelliThe beautiful menu with its cutout lace goes so well with this magnificent table setting.

The placement in the cleverly folded napkins is very cool.

rose_gold_pink_romantic_wedding_roses_invitations_ceci_johnson_v152_om_3b, belluccia font on wedding guest cards, Lettering Art Studio, Debi SementelliInstead of a traditional guest book, guests filled out individual cards with their personal comments.

What a very nice twist.

Click hereto see an unbelievable collection of pictures from this wedding.  They will blow you away!

I ‘m excited to tell you that the submission of my new Cantoni font was approved!

Happy Dance!!!

I’ll be sharing news of the date it goes “live” on myfonts.com  soon.

As always, my calligraphy fonts, Dom Loves Mary and Belluccia are available for purchase here.

Have a Tarantella Tuesday 🙂

( That’s the name of an Italian dance that is customarily done at celebratory events like Weddings.

So I’m doing it today to celebrate my new font being approved:)


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