Cinque Donne

Cinque Donne means “Five Women” in Italian. It was inspired by the five sisters in my family as well as a group of five high school friends I have known for 46 years, aka “The Club Girls”. The Pro version has 3370 glyphs with all the bells and whistles!

Women are connectors, encouragers, and supporters. Young, old, shy, extroverted, when you put us together, somehow we make a beautiful impact on each other’s lives. This is what Cinque Donne does in a visual way.

Some letters are simple and prefer to sit quietly. Others are flourished and proud and like the limelight in the middle of a word. And then there are alternates that are flexible and work in any number of surprising places. Stylistic sets can add a vivacious feel while contextual alternates bring better understanding. Classic or contemporary, subdued or flamboyant, these letters represent the variety of women that make life interesting for us all. Within the varied glyphs, I hope you find characters that remind you of the special women in your life. Let Cinque Donne salute them on the page!

The Cinque Donne Family includes: Cinque Donne, Cinque Donne Bold, Cinque Donne Swash and Cinque Donne Pro.

The Best Deal is the Cinque Donne Total Design which includes all 4 fonts at a bundled price!

Crafters: All of my fonts have been specially coded for PUA (Private Use Area) so you can access all of the swashes and alternates using Character Map (PC) or Character Viewer (Mac) or with any number of apps including PopChar. If you would like to purchase PopChar at a special discount email me and I will send you the link.

Cinque Donne Pro and Cinque Donne Swash include Swash, Stylistic and Titling Alternates, Contextual Alternates, Standard and Discretionary Ligatures, Roman Numerals & Fractions.

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Cinque Donne Bold (View Glyphs)