Dom Loves Mary

This beautiful hand-lettered font with a vintage, classic feel is represented by two totally different styles, a script and a text, that are made to go together.  The Dom Loves Mary script fonts include three different lettering styles, a Pro version with 1043 glyphs and two sets of decorative flourishes that can be added to lower and upper case letters for a more decorative look or used in combination to create a unique flourish. The font family also includes a text font as well as an Add On font with the most popular words and phrases used for invitations.  See pictures of Dom Loves Mary in use at the bottom of this page and read ‘The Story Behind the Font’ in the READ MORE section below.

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All of my fonts have been specially coded so that almost anyone can access all of the swashes, alternates and ornaments without the need for professional design software. For more information and instructions, visit my FAQs page.

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Additional Dom Loves Mary Pro features include: Fractions, Ordinals, Greek symbols, Standard and Old Style numbers, Alternate Ampersands and a small collection of ornaments and flourishes. It also includes Western and Central European, Romanian and Turkish language support.

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The Story behind the Font

Dom and Mary were opposites who were truly “made for each other”. A snazzy dresser, Mary was feisty, loved to dance, sing, and be the life of the party. Dom was cool, calm, collected and was happy to shine the spotlight on the love of his life. They balanced each other out in a really great way.

Dom passed away 15 years before Mary. When she was diagnosed with 6 months to live, my husband and I spent a lot of time with her. One day as I was going through some of her old photos, I found their wedding album with beautiful black and white photographs. I was struck by the beautiful look on their faces as they got ready to start their life together. I saw the excitement, joy and anticipation of them envisioning “Una Bella Vita!” (A beautiful life!)

I brought them to her and asked her to tell me the story of how they met.  Her eyes lit up as she recounted this dashing, quiet young man who she boldly approached at a dance. Each day more details poured out. Photos of family and girlfriends were also shared.  But when she spoke of Dom, the love in the room was palpable. They were truly made for each other.  Even though he had been gone 15 years, he was still with her in her heart. It was such a lovely experience to share with her. The feeling of those moments stayed with me after she passed.

To honor that love and devotion,  I  decided to create a classic, vintage hand-lettered font with them in mind represented by two totally different lettering styles that were, like Dom and Mary, “made for each other”.  It’s my way of sharing their beautiful life with all of the couples just starting theirs together.  They truly had “Una Bella Vita” and I hope you do too.

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