How to use Dom Loves Mary Calligraphy font flourishes

A few people have asked me to demonstrate how to use the Dom Loves Mary Calligraphy font flourishes.  So I made my very first screen recording! It only took 4 tries:)

I’ve uploaded it to my You Tube channel.  Hope it helps explain some things about the font and how the flourishes fit with the upper and lower case letters. Click on the link to view it.

How to use the Dom Loves Mary calligraphy font flourishes

Since this is the first of many tutorials that I’ll be making, I’d appreciate some feedback about what I did well and what I could do differently.

I really want to get better at this, so your comments would be greatly appreciated!

Yesterday, I talked about the workshop I attended with Barbara Close.  But I forgot to share the great gifts each attendee received.

They were handcrafted by Jeri Wright and Sherry Barber, Kaligrafos members  who put the workshop together.  They are both wonderful calligraphers and so creative and crafty.

Hand made sign, calligraphy sign, hand lettered sign, hand painted signThey made one of these for each of us and placed themt on the doors of our rooms.  ( It’s was a sleep over workshop:)

hand lettering, calligraphy sign, hand made place card holderThese smaller “Welcome”  signs were placed at each place at the table.

For both items, they used a combination of wood, wire, beads and paint and lovingly hand made each one.

It really added to the warm feeling of the weekend.

Thanks Jeri and Sherry!

Here’s a graphic of Dom Loves Mary used on a wine bottle.  The font is quickly climbing up the Hot New Fonts list!

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Dom Loves Mary  is now  available for purchase at: Correspondence Ink Type foundry .

We put together specially priced packages to help you save money including:

The PRO VERSION complete with ALL THREE SCRIPT FONTS  and a combined total of over 100 flourished ornaments.

Our ACCOUTREMENTS PACKAGE containing both sets of FLOURISHES for letter customization as well as our ADD-ON WORDS .

Want to have it all? The DOM LOVES MARY TOTAL DESIGN package is for you.

I’m sponsoring a give away of a set of  wedding signs using the  Dom Loves Mary font on Brenda’s blog  through November 19.

My first cursive font, Belluccia is available at and

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 Belluccia has remained on the Best Sellers list for 16 months was named one of myfonts Most Popular Fonts for 2011.