DIY Tutorial: How to use the Dom Loves Mary Font Add Ons in Microsoft Word

This DIY tutorial: How to use the Dom Loves Mary Font Add Ons in Microsoft Word

was created in answer to an e-mail.

This gal was trying to create  “PLEASE deliver to” to print on her envelopes along with the addresses

using my Dom Loves Mary Add On Words and Text font as seen in the graphic above.

 The Dom Loves Mary Stylistic font and Text font along with the Additional Flourish package

and Add On font were all used to create this graphic.

They all come together at a discounted price in the Dom Loves Mary Total Design Package found in “Buying Choices” on the DLM font page at

This is a great choice for the Do-it-Yourself person who wants the look of calligraphy for less!

So I immediately thought, “It’s time to make another tutorial!”

I’ve been working hard all morning to create this video for you on my YouTube channel.

Just click on the video below.

I hope it’s helpful!

Here’s the link to it on my Lettering Art  Studio YouTube Channel.

It will show it a little larger.

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Both my Belluccia calligraphy font and her “sister” Dom Loves Mary calligraphy font share the distinction of being a “Rising Star” as well as a “Best Selling Font”.

You can purchase them here.

Have a Thoroughly Targeted Tuesday 🙂


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